How Does A Title Loan Works

What is an Auto Title Loan?

An Auto Title Loan is obtained by mortgaging the title of your vehicle to the lending service. Thousands of people choose Auto Title Loans because they are easy to get and do not need a good credit score. Moreover, their processing speed is much faster than that of regular loans- you can get your cash in less than 24 hours. It also has many advantages over pawn loans and payday loans. For one, you still get to drive your vehicle while you pay off your loan amount. The amount of the loan is determined by the equity in your vehicle and your ability to pay it back. For the same reason, whether your credit history is good or bad, whether your vehicle has been repossessed in the past, whether you have filed for bankruptcy, you still might get approved for an Auto Title Loan.


There are three Steps

We can help you get a loan in as little as 24 hours. All you have to do is follow this simple 3 step process:

- STEP 1 -

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    Click or Call

    There are two ways you can apply for an Auto Title Loan:
    1) apply online by filling out this form from your computer, tablet or smartphone.
    2) simply give us a call at 1-(858) 524-3050.

- STEP 2 -

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    Submit Your Document

    We will need a few documents from you. But don't worry we won't make you climb mountains and cross seven seas. We will just need a few papers that you probably already have with you. The list is short and you can complete this part in under an hour. Just fax, email, or send us pictures and we will get to work right away!

- STEP 3 -

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    Get Your Money

    After we've received your documents, our agents will contact you to discuss the loan terms and other specifics. You will have the option of getting your money the same day.

Documents Needed To Qualify

Our agents will provide you with a list of ways to submit these documents for review. You can fax or email the documents right from your office, or use your smartphone or tablet camera to snap pictures of the documents wherever you are!

A car title to a qualifying car in your name

A government-issued photo ID such as a driver's license

Proof of Income (ie. paycheck stubs, invoices or bank account statements) showing your ability to repay back the loan

Proof of residence (ie. a piece of recent mail like a utility bill will work)


Ready To Get Started?

Ready to get cash to pay bills, unexpected medical expenses, take a vacation, or simply need some quick cash, click on the button below to apply for a title loan.